Cost Crediting

Cost Crediting

finance Center is integrated throughout the unit’s credit process – branch (customer) notifications of status changes are automated, document orders pre-fill with customer information, and error rates on document orders have declined from a high of 75% under a manual process to 5% today. “In addition to conversion benefits, Finance Center enabled us to integrate three sites into one workflow and shift work based on available capacity. Service and support functions are terrific,” reports Debbie.

“The implementation of Finance Center represents a paradigm shift for the bank in many ways. It was an important component in enhancing the perception of the department to one that is customer focused and branch friendly. Communication between back office business partners focused on how to best process applications on FinanceCenter carried over to identifying efficiencies in non-FinanceCenter tasks.

Last and most important, the cost benefits actually exceeded the high threshold expectation set by executive management.”


• Reduce credit risk.

• Streamline processes.

• Track quotes and generate reports.

• Integrate systems to create a single point of access.

• Go quickly to market with new credit management products.

• Leverage and strengthen the bank brand through private labeling.